Cal Bay Express offers a variety of service levels to meet your every need.

With different array of services, Cal Bay Express allows you to focus on the core of your business without the hassles of vehicles,drivers, maintenance cost, insurance and any other administrative  headaches. CBX provides you with services based on your needs, be it one package  pickup, multi shipments or a scheduled route for your business.


If your business has multiple locations,this service will surely suit your unique requirements.


Medical Stat

When time is the essence and getting your package, delivered immediately can mean the difference between a satisfied or a lost cus­tomer,a driver will be dispatched directly to the location.


On Demand

Special delivery of any critical packages on immediate and as needed basis.


Medical/Specimen Couriers

Laboratory results often times depend upon timely delivery to the intended recipient. The faster it is delivered the more satisfied the recipient. We are HIPAA certified and value the client's pa­tients' privacy rights.


Mailroom Management

We can run your mail room from desk to delivery, sorting and running postal mails.


Auto Parts Delivery

From spark plugs to transmission, we will pickup the parts from your distribution hub to deliver to all your Auto Shop clients in the Bay Area.


Next Flight Out

We will ship or pickup your packages from the Airport and secure all the necessary air bills. We also act as an agent for other delivery companies in the east coast for their clients in the Bay Area.